Greetings! My name is Roshni Jain, and I am a sophomore at Duke University. As a resident of the great state of Kansas and as a pre-med student majoring in English , I find myself a bit of an anomaly here at Duke.

Writing, much like my interest in medicine, has been a constant in my life. When I was young and unable to overcome my fear of verbally expressing my emotions, I found solace in a blue notebook, a notebook which I still have today. Writing down my thoughts made them real. I was able to better understand my thoughts and feelings when I could see them laid out in front of me. And this is something that remains true even today.

I want to become a writing tutor so I can help writers find significance in their writing. I want others to make the same realization I have. I want them to see that they can find themselves in anything and everything they write. Of course, I’m not naive. I realize that many of my tutees will not appreciate writing as much as I do. And that’s okay. But if I can help even one writer find his or her potential, I will consider myself successful.

Fun fact: I write a weekly blog series about restaurants in Durham entitled “Delectable Durham” for Duke’s student newspaper. I get to eat delicious food, and then I get to write about what I ate…’s perfect.