A university community should value the work of a writing center and/or writing tutors because they are providing skills which will always be important in life. In school writing is needed to convey your message to your teachers; it is a vital part of getting those good grades.  Writing is not just valuable in school it takes a front seat in jobs and day to day communication.  It is a part of more than just a GPA it is the difference between getting a job or not.

I know that at Penn State Berks our teachers often advertise the writing center and there are fliers places. I also know that we just opened a new writing center and it is beautiful, but do people realize that it is there? I was searching around the internet and I found some universities who made videos about writing and its importance in life. They were kind of lame and boring. Take a look for yourself.

 If you could create a short quick video that was not cheesy I feel like it would be a great advertisement to stream around campus screens.

I also feel like if you made a coffee shop atmosphere and made it a writing nook and tutors could meet you in there too maybe without appointments it would make students more comfortable. If we just put writing in our normal atmospheres instead of putting people in awkward authoritative-feeling circumstances there may be more students willing to learn.