Upon completion of an examination at Duke University, I have to sign the Duke Community Standard. In short, signing the Duke Community Standard is an indication that I did not lie, cheat, or steal to get my grade. As depicted in the readings, writing tutors have to straddle that brick wall between merely giving pointers and line-by-line editing of papers. Some may even exclaim that to not undergo line-by-line editing is unethical and a may be a breach of trust for the tutee. Thriving in such conditions is no small feat for aspiring tutors. The Duke Community standard forbids us to use line-by-line revision for papers despite some of our inclination to do so.


This video (especially the last minute) proves that learning can be achieved even without going line by line over an essay. The power of the writing studio is exemplified here in a way such that the Duke Community Standard is maintained while the tutee is able to have to tools to correct his essay. You can definitely give a boy a fish but it’s better to ACTUALLY teach him how to fish.

Universities should value the work of a writing center because no other resource on campus can help with such a diverse group of topics ranging from simple creative non-fiction writing to full-fledged resume revisions. Writing centers lend importance not only to one’s college life but also life after college. That after-college importance is why both our writing center and career center are collaborating to great reviews from students who have used this resource.

What is amazing about Duke (Duke pride) is that we have students have all backgrounds and cultures. One way to make writing popular again is to have an incentive. Competition is the tool that drives people forward. Writing competitions are great in that they challenge people to produce their best work, especially if it’s going to be judged by others. Obviously, if every person were to buy into the competition, each would have to be separated into different groups in an effort to be fair, a rather subjective task. Students and other personnel would turn towards writing centers in an effort to better their writing. I believe that without some kind of incentive, people will not put as much effort into it. The writing center could be the “middle-man” in this relationship.