As students, we are dedicated to learning our trade, whatever it may be. As our knowledge base in our selected field grows, we are expected to not only know and understand material, but we are expected to be able to write in a way consistent with what the current norms of our profession are. Kenneth A. Bruffee explained that ‘to be a conversant with the normal disclosure of in a field of study or endeavor is being knowledgeable in that field.’ Writing Centers are an invaluable resource for university students in this regard. Many students struggle with writing, despite having complete understanding of a subject. Furthermore, many professors only teach ‘raw material’, such as facts figures, dates, etc…. This is not necessarily the professor’s fault, as it isn’t a Biologist’s job to teach writing. At a writing center, it actually is someone’s job. Writing tutors help students express the knowledge that they already have in a way that they couldn’t before. This is beneficial to more than just the student. The more effectively a student can share his thoughts, the more they can give back to their field (or society in general). At writing centers, students can go to experts who will help them understand the issues they are having, not just simply throw a quick-fix on. When a university provides a writing center, it is giving students a low-risk, low-stress way to better understand their writing, field of study, and ultimately, themselves. One of the best things about writing centers is that they are open to everyone, no matter what major or year. The quality of writing at universities with writing centers will be better, as any student writing any paper can consult with expert writers before submitting assignments. Writing centers enable students to reach their full potential, which ultimately benefits all of us.