Going to a university is much more than just who has the fanciest buildings and the best professors.  Students choose a university for the overall experience.  A strong peer tutoring program is just one more extra that students look for in a diversified college experience.  Peer tutoring allows for the open exchange of ideas and more importantly it opens up a dialogue about a students work in an individualized setting which helps the student progress in their writing outside of the classroom.

Penn State University works very hard to create an environment where students are encouraged to go to the writing center for additional support.  Most teachers in classes that vary from English 001 to Chemistry encourage their students to visit the writing center when they assign any writing assignments.  Having teachers constantly refer to the writing center allows for us always to be visible to the student body.  Also  PSU has used other successful methods to promote the writing center.  Just this year they have moved the writing center to a location that is more visible on campus and obviously the more people that pass by the more likely we are to have people stop in.  The second is that across campus they have signs posted like the one in my post, reminding people to stop into the writing center and giving them the number to make an appointment.