Being a college student can be very intimidating! I remember my freshman year, first semester, I was taking two writing classes; one was creative writing and the other was writing and rhetoric. As I got comfortable writing for my creative writing teacher, I soon learned that that way was not acceptable for my writing and rhetoric teacher. All of these different writing strategies had me in quite a cluster, with not knowing who to go or even talk to, and even left me scared to write at all.

If I knew at the time that CU had a writing center, with people to help me with my confusion I probably would have done a lot better! A writing center is a place where I could have expressed my emotions about my own papers and writing classes without anyone judging me based on a grading scale. I would have also been able to have someone look over it to help me see where I was going wrong, and help me remember the right track for each class. 

With writing centers at universities, students will have the opportunity to dive into their paper without the fear of failure because tutors at the writing center remind you that they are not the teacher, they help you find the answers to your questions, they focus on the writer rather than the writing, and they actually show that they care about you furthering your paper into something magnificent. 

Not having a writing center could leave students confused and scared, which is exactly what they are not paying for to go to a university! In the long run, not having one could even lead a student to avoiding writing in the future at all costs. It’s a great thing to have intelligence wise, and can even raise confidence in the student. Writing centers are extremely important and I believe that many would agree.

🙂 thanks for reading