Using specific references to the readings we’ve done so far this semester and your own personal experience, respond to the following prompt:

For this week, share and reflect on a single moment in a tutoring session (either one you’ve had or one you’ve conducted) when authority and/or control over the writer’s text came into play. Use vivid and concrete examples (engage our senses!) and focus on a single moment. You won’t be able to capture an entire experience, so be sure to choose the moment carefully.

Have some fun with this, and be as creative as you can with your post. Consider creating a comic strip, short video reenactment, monologue, Prezi, short screenplay, song, slide show, puppet show, etc. If you use visuals, however, explain them with some written text.

After creating your post, select a category or two that best represents your post including the category that represents your “group.” For example, if you are in Group “A” and your post is about the role of the tutor and the politics, you should choose the following labels: Category A, the tutor, and politics.