I have to confess…I’m a Type A. Completely and utterly. If I write anything, even if its a piece of rhetorical crap, my mind is probably going to stand by it, cross its arms, and say “Yup, looks good to me.” Years of the academic training to b.s. proficiently has conditioned it to be that way. Fake it till you make it, right?

So you can imagine my surprise when control-happy me stepped into my first writing appointment a year ago, completely ready to give over that control. I had no desire to be in control. I had been brought up thinking that the writing center was a fix-it, here’s-your-polished-paper-now-leavae place where struggling writers went. I was…was it possible…being a TYPE B. Because of stigma.

Tutors are going to have to fight Type A’s and B’s alike because of stereotypes and stigmas. They are going to have to shove the writing reins back into the hands of the tutoree. We have our work cut out for us, but reverse the stigma we shall!