Prior to this class, I had an iffy feeling for tutors. In high school, I had an English teacher who used to write everything, and I mean WRITE. She had markers, pencils, and any color pen you could think of. Now this may not seem like a problem just yet, but lets continue further with the story. This teacher had a process for her final papers of the year. The paper would be assigned early in the last semester of school so she could have enough time to schedule “tutor sessions” with the students. While most kids actually found this helpful, this almost caused me to have an anxiety attack. She asked that we submit our papers prior to the study session so she could read the paper and make notes on it. Well that’s what she did, she made notes. When I first saw my paper, I almost accused her of murder. My paper just seemed to drip splotches of red ink. My attitude for that paper just dropped. The sight of that paper absolutely destroyed my confidence. While I gained it back through the session, that initial feeling has always stuck with me.

As I said before, the teacher liked to write, so some of the red ink was her making connections in the paper. The only thing I could think of; however, is that she was still the teacher, so I felt as though she read the paper and gave it a grade. Through this class though, I’ve learned that without that grade, that red ink is actually your writing through someone else’s thought. you can view your work in a different perspective than you had when you sat down to initially write. The chance to sit down with a tutor is an amazing opportunity that writers have. The best part for us is that we now get the chance to sit down AS that tutor.