When I was sixteen, i was lucky enough to study abroad  in china for three months to gain as much knowledge from another culture. For one of the weeks while I was their, I was taught chinese by a class of students my age. Mostly we went over basic numbers, words ext. I really got to see the frustration and stress in these students as they explained us their own language. To them so basic and simple, but to us, we thought we were in another world. Anyways a week went by and maybe i knew how to write out two chinese terms. Not the must accomplishing week in China.

I really dont think this experience has taught me much to the point where I would be able to help tutor non-native speakers. Obviously I understand the fact they are not going to be perfect in the english language, but i dont necessarily think I have adapted any skills to help non native individuals to learn better and more efficient writing. I think I have adapted the approach, to make sure no one is feeling offended ext. But I think I could learn some more skills to make this process even easier.