As the title points out very clearly, I am indeed agnostic; I do believe there is a higher power however I personally do not believe in the Bible and what it entails. I feel like because I was grown up in a Christian family where when I was a kid I would go to church and read the Bible with my grandmother and mother, I already have this mentality that I pass no judgement for what others may or may not believe.

In my humanities class for example, I read the Bible and when it came to writing a paper about Adam andImage Eve, my first response wasn’t to say, I am agnostic and I don’t believe in what the Bible has to say. I pushed my views to the back of my mind and wrote my paper based on what I had read and the symbolism behind it. I feel the same principle applies to reading a paper with different views; the same would go for if I read a paper where someone was Pro Life and didn’t believe in abortion, whereas I do. I wouldn’t make it my job to try and persuade someone into believing something else. Instead I would listen intently and try to understand their reasoning and put myself in their shoes so we could write this paper effectively.

I would also be honest though, in the event someone was writing about the Bible I would say, “I do have some knowledge on the topic, but I am agnostic. Could you please explain to me what your goal is of this paper?” So that way we are at least on same page, and I’m not pretending to be something I am not. Because how would I be able to help someone when I don’t even truly understand the topic myself? Of course, I will have to ask questions and explain the situation that I am. But this in no way would make me feel awkward or deter me from aiding that writer.