I planned to write something along the lines of, “no matter what the views of the writer, it is my job to help their writing.”  And trust me, I can argue and debate either side of nearly any topic.  But I took a second glance at the prompt and I focused on the words, “Core Beliefs.”  So then I started to think, what are my core beliefs?  My mind went straight to politics – abortion, death penalty, guns, etc – but I didn’t feel that anybody, even someone who’s views are polar opposite from mine, could force me to stand up and end a tutoring session.  Naturally, I racked my brain for something that would genuinely offend me.  First, if anybody said ANYTHING about my mother; thats crossing a line and I would feel completely justified in leaving that session.  Back in my brain, I tried to think of something realistic I could come across.  Ok, if someone came to me defending Adolf Hitler’s actions, (as a jew) I don’t think I could help them with the paper.  But who am I to know what this person really believes or what their core values are?  I guess I would have to read the paper first, gauge how offended I was, talk to the writer, then make my decision on whether or not to help this kid develop and defend his theses on, they had it coming.  

I will say, though, that barring someone coming to me with a paper about my mom or the Holocaust, I will be more than happy to help anyone who’s views conflict with mine, and if anything the session will have a livelier discourse.