While working in a writing center we are subject to hundreds of different topics that come across our desk and at some point it is inevitable that the students opinion could be challenging to our fundamental beliefs. The discourse could range from a small difference in beliefs to a very strong and passionate one, but as a tutor we are there to help the student to the best of our abilities. Due to the election year we might be coming face to face with a paper that talks about a certain political position. I myself am very interested in politics and have formed opinions of my own, and if I have a paper that is completely disregarding my views it may be difficult for me to discuss the subject matter. But regardless of how different our views are, as a tutor I can put away my own opinion and read through his paper and help them with their mechanics, flow, style, organization, formatting, and grammar. It might be painful to read the ideas presented in the paper, but it’s a price we must all be willing to pay. I believe that the only time we should refuse our services to a student is when they obviously don’t want our services and maybe they are being forced to come to the writing center or other circumstances. Because if a student actually wants our help and is willing to meet with us, regardless of his opinion, they deserve a look.