When enrolling into this class, for some reason, I did not even take it into consideration that we would be working with foreign students who might not have string English speaking skills. Once realizing that we would be working with foreign students, a huge wave of anxiety rolled over me with questions like: “what if I can’t help them?” “what if they can’t understand me?”. But then after watching the video we watched in class from the University of Oregon, and discussing how to handle these situations I realized that the student and I would both be frightened, but it is up to both of us to put aside our fears and realize that we are there to help each other, not to judge, not to criticize, just simply to help! Even if the student comes out of the session with learning one new thing about the english language and how to better their paper then i have done my job as a tutor and as a fellow peer. I am there to simply make them feel more comfortable to ask questions, as many as they want.

Coming from a foreign country to learn a completely different culture is easy for not one and is most definitely frightening; so the best thing to do is to provide a comfortable energy to help the individual relax, and to create a sense of excitement rather than a fear to learn.

(i know it’s a little early but) Happy Halloween

Lindsay :)