As we near the end of the semester, many of you are starting final research projects.  Some of you already have research questions, data, sources, and even writings about your topic. Others of you are just starting to think about what you might write about.  This week, write a post that shares with the community your research ideas and questions.

This blog is an opportunity for you get feedback from your peers on your ideas.   For example, if you already have a tentative thesis, you could include it in your post. If you need some help thinking about how to enter the conversation on your topic, this is your chance to ask for support.  This isn’t an opportunity to workshop an entire paper, so don’t a whole draft. This entry is a chance to test out some of your ideas with other writing center people.  When you post, be sure to pose one or two questions  so your readers can give you their thoughts in the comment section.

After creating your post, select a category or two that best represents your post including the category that represents your “group.” For example, if you are in Group “A” and your post is about the role of the tutor and the politics, you should choose the following labels: Category A, the tutor, and politics.