I plan on doing my final research project on ESL students. More specifically I want to talk about how their home cultures influence the way they write. We had watched a video the other week that covered the same topic, and it was fascinating. In interviews with a number of ESL students from various countries, the students mentioned how american culture in relation to writing was so different from the home countries, which honestly was never something I even considered as an issue of any sort. For example, a student from latin america mentioned that he felt Americans spoke too quickly and were more concerned with getting to the point of things then setting up a story. Another latin american student supported his statement, saying that it is more typical for an essay in her country to sort of skirt around the central idea until maybe the second page. She said the reason for this was because in her country it was more customary to try and make each sentence “beautiful”, and to not only write an essay, but treat it like a story.

I’ve become fascinated with cultural writing differences since watching the video, so I plan on interviewing a diverse number of ESL students to learn about how they typically write within their culture, if they’ve noticed any differences now having to write within the american culture’s parameters, and their opinions on both.

Aside from interviews, I’m not very set with other research methods. If there are any ideas you’d like to share, or ways you think I can tighten my idea for the project let me know!