In tutoring the basic point is to help learn, to teach right from wrong and make it as clear and black and white, but I personally believe that tutoring in writing it is so much more than that, it is just up to us to show off its colors…..

We all have a personality, and we all have specific things that appeal to our senses which is where I came up with the question….

How can a better understanding of the personalities of writers inform our practice as tutors and writers?

The reason why this topic interested me is because when tutoring, we never really take into consideration ones personality. Yes, we might not have enough time to get a full blown view of a peer’s personality, but I was thinking that maybe if we took a little time to try and understand the personality of a peer while reading their work then, it will better our understanding of how to tutor them once we finish reading their paper.

I am having some trouble narrowing this project down to one simple topic since the personality could go off on many different tangents, so I was wondering what interests you most about the personality, what appeals to your senses and how does this influence your writing?

I am interested in seeing the colors of writing and not just the black and white on the page, so my main goal for this project is to research how we can do so, and how we can benefit from this as tutors.

Thanks for your Help 🙂