Being college students in this generation of technology gives us a great opportunity to communicate with people all over the web. Whether it be blog posts, or daily online journals, we have the advantage of communication with not only people in our area, but people across the globe. This gives us the chance to talk about what ever we want, and discuss any important issues that are constantly boggling our minds. Individuals get to share their true thoughts over the internet, not being nervous or scared about what people will think. After all, your posts are behind a computer screen. This is why blogging is a huge advantage for us as peer tutors. We get to share our experiences and knowledge over ongoing back to back communication. The aspect of commenting on each others post ext. Some reason people are more comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas behind a screen then infront of an audience. This gives us the power to gain as much knowledge as we need being peer tutors. Im not going to lie, when i was introduced to the blogging method I was not crazy about it. But now that I have had time to express my concerns in the writing world (and gain feedback) my view has changed on the blogging industry tremendously. The aspect of blogging will only gain momentum in the future. We are the begininng of bloggers, and its an opportunity to be a part of this new and exciting trend!