I know I did a terrible job at keeping up with this with the rest of my crazy life, but I do enjoy the idea of it. Writing on here is so much easier for me to express myself. I am a righter. I am an introvert. Talking and discussing in class, well I try to do that stuff so I am participating and professors realize I actually do have a clue what is going on, but I can’t express myself as easily. I think that I do tone and voice easily through things like this.I just write like I think. So it has my voice. Probably not very academic, relatively positive. If I knew everyone on here I probably still wouldn’t talk any differently. 

I don’t really like the genre of the blogging about academic things so it was a challenge. I need to keep refocusing and not ramble. But blogging is simple. It is a cross between rambling and expressing something. My challenge was to do this and remember to do this. I wasn’t reminded often so it was difficult. Try again later. I think it is a good thing to keep using though. So keep trucking on the blogging!Image