Secretly, I have always wanted to blog. I am fairly crafty (canning, sewing, knitting, spinning, gardening, etc.) and I thought that maybe I could connect with like-minded people in this world and make some new “friends.” So, I was pretty excited, to say the least, when we began to blog. I thought, “yes! This is it! I will finally start a personal blog while I write one for school!” Well, that didn’t happen, but something did. I got my feet wet in the world of blogging. I put my voice (which I struggled with at times) out there in the blogosphere for people who I don’t really know to read my writing. Sometimes I would be apprehensive when I hit that publish button and contemplate deleting my post and writing something entirely different. But you see, the posts that I was uncomfortable with were the posts that I wasn’t myself. We are all taught to write academically; and being in this class I would assume we are all pretty good at it. But this is a blog, and writing that way is sometimes…boring (for me at least!). I loved the evolution of finding my blogging voice and knowing that regardless of what I write, someone will read it (thank you!).