How I felt posting

The prospect of an interactive, blog-based forum intermingled with a class, initial left me wary and concerned. I once had a professor insist on a Facebook page devoted to class, on which we were required to devote the equivalent time that I assume Facebook users typically devote to time wasting. I flat out refused–no Facebook for me! Besides my personal disinterest and disdain for Facebook, I very much disliked the idea of the type of interaction associated with blog/social networking type stuff penetrating the collegiate academic environment.  Well I enjoy class, it is very important to me to maintain a professional presence when on campus and in classes. Perhaps this is because I feel like I don’t belong in college, that I should never have been accepted, yet I do feel that we are all incredibly lucky to be attending such illustrious institutions and we should all dress, talk, and act accordingly. So for me, taking on blogging, which I have never done before- was a very scary concept.

Interacting with Word Press, the difficulty of usage for a slightly dyslexic individual such as my self,  and the nature of blogging continuously made me feel as if I had just vomited onto the internet each time I posted.

Setting aside my personal experience with Word press and my own romantic yet dated vision of what college should be, the concept of the blog and the resulting interaction and discussion was, in my opinion, very valuable and an enriching addition to the course.

Well the mechanics and fluency issues of Word Press are to be expected, I was very impressed with the overall interaction, interest, and posts of my fellow bloggers. As the semester progressed it was nice to see the initial rigidity and formal nature dissipate to leave a friendly and helpful community of potential tutors.

I enjoyed reading everyone’s posts, and thank you if you read mine. Best of luck to everyone.