Initially, I was anxious about posting to this blog. It probably took me just as long to write my short, three-sentence long introduction of myself as it did to write my last, much longer post about my research project. I just wasn’t used to this medium. I’ve written my own blogs before (when I was in 7th grade), and even did a project on one for Writing 20. However, those blogs were for audiences I knew, unlike this one. I tried to keep my voice friendly, but professional, which was no easy task. I made sure to reread my posts several times before posting. I sometimes waited a few hours, and then reread the post, before finally putting it online to gain fresh perspective. Over the course of the semester I’ve become more confident about my posts, due to the thoughtful and insightful comments my co-bloggers have made on my post. Even though I haven’t met the majority of you, I feel that a real sense of community exists here in Tutor Musings 2.

If I had been writing for a group of friends, I would have included more inside jokes or personal facts about myself. I would probably post about The Killers and the Cardinals a lot, because that was pretty much the extent of my 7th grade Xanga. The Killers continue to be my favorite band, but I’m glad that this semester introduced me to a new, more productive genre of blogging.