At first I was a bit skeptical of the whole idea of an academic blog. I preferred the formality of written academic writing and the privacy of a traditional hard copy. Over the course of the semester, however, I have seen firsthand the benefits and possibilities that the blogosphere provides.

For my final research essay and deliverable, I chose to write about academic blogging. My research exposed me to various different theories about the interaction of the internet with the classroom. Scholars suggest that academic blogging enhances student identity and connectivity. The Tutor Musings 2.0 blog has been a great example and case study. The ability to connect with other students so easily is incredible. Whether on the other side of the library or the other side of the country, students can respond within seconds, offering feedback, questions, or concerns. The blog provides a dynamic platform for interaction. Students of different backgrounds and histories share opinions and thoughts through personal publishing. We are able to use different forms of multimedia to clarify our assertions and mark our identities.

Ultimately, this blog has been  proof of the theory. I have enjoyed reading everyone’s posts and have learned so much about myself as a writer.