I became very excited upon hearing that we had to blog for this class. I used to blog about professional wrestling before. Therefore, Tutor Musings was familiar ground for me. This was the chance for me to spew words onto a page! Though I definitely put some thought into my posts, I saw this as an opportunity to type without numerous constraints on any topic (of course, it has to somewhat abide by the prompt). Tutor Musings gave me the opportunity to write and share about my life, its accomplishments and its struggles. My voice could be heard. The my only regret was that I did not have the chance to blog more regularly. While I did blog when my group had to blog, I felt that we, as prospective UWTs, could have accomplished a lot of through weekly blogging.  

Blogs are more communication rather than simply information. We try to promote dialogue rather than persuade that our opinions are right like in an academic essay. That is why I try to make a connection with the reader. Undergraduates can have the same great conversation here as in a classroom. This group learning experience would help us once we become writing tutors because it challenges us to interact with strangers. I am so glad to listen and to share my experiences with students from three great universities. It is my hope and desire that informal posts can be an integral part of the future UWT experiences. 


🙂 😛