For those of you that could not tell, this was my first experience with blogging. In fact, until a few months ago I would have insisted that I would never have a desire or need to blog. Guess I was wrong. At first I was extremely uncomfortable with the whole blogging concept but started to get the hang of it as the semester progressed. When we began I had no idea how to blog. It turned out that it was not as difficult as I first thought. Also I feel that I gained more momentum in my blogging with the reply portion because they required my opinions and I never had a problem with giving those. The biggest challenge that I faced was using a proper voice in my posts. My writing background is primarily technical and I struggled with showing my personality and voice.  These are two items that I worked at to remove from most of my writings.

The other aspect of blogging that I was not looking forward to was the fact that I would be making personalized posts to people that I did not know. My thought was that I did not feel confident enough to display my writings with a group that consists mainly of English/writing majors. This concern turned out to be groundless because I found myself looking forward to reading everyone’s posts and replies to my posts.

All in all I found this experience to be informative and not unpleasant. Will I ever blog again? I can’t answer that question because I never intended to blog prior to this semester. But I am grateful for this experience in case I ever need to blog in the