Since I have never blogged before this class, I would have to say that it brought a new perspective to what I thought blogging really was. I believed in the stereotype that bloggers were people who wrote about conspiracy theories, hobbies they enjoyed, or tried to sell their artwork or books.  Blogging never interested me, I don’t have a twitter, and I get on Facebook once a month for, maybe, 20 minutes. So when we were asked to write blog posts with two other colleges, I was a bit hesitant, nervous, and wondered if I would actually remember to post something.

The tone I used in most of my blogs was more academic and formal than what I would feel more comfortable in using. This post for example, is definitely more relaxed than some others I have written. I don’t know if it is because it is my final farewell to this interesting exercise of blogging or that I have become more comfortable with this group as an audience. If I had known all of you before this post project, my writing would have definitely been different than from what I started with.

Would I continue to blog after this class is over? Probably not, and it isn’t to say that this was a bad experience or anything, but how much I know myself. I’m terrible at updating posts, responding to texts, Facebook messaging, and the like.  However, the verb “to blog” has redeemed itself in my eyes somewhat, even if there are still bloggers that are conspiracy theorists, extreme hobbyists, or the sales clerk of web.