Commenting last week on biggbluee92’s post (not realizing I was supposed to post my own!), I had shared that my outstanding fear about the peer tutoring class was the blogging requirement. Reading somewhere a long time ago that at least 85% of things we fret about never actually come to pass, I had quite convinced myself that blogging would fall within the realized 15 percentile. Having been out of school for 35 years, and having taken 4 semesters to finally know my way around PowerPoint and Excel, I seriously was not looking forward to another keen reminder that, within the context of technology, I was indeed “out of the loop”. That thought, coupled with the painfully honest thought of “Who cares? I know I certainly don’t. I’ve got enough on my own plate”, led me to believe that I would dread the blogging assignments.

While I genuinely had no fear of communicating with an unknown audience, it was lack of interest that I was next concerned with. Quite the “solitary wasp”, I am probably the only person on here that doesn’t even have Facebook anymore. Don’t really care to know what everyone is doing every minute of the day, and vice-versa. BUT- I quickly realized that the refreshing difference is that when you are blogging to a specific community, you are blogging about things relevant to that community! DUH! Now I actually look forward to reading the blogs as well as the comments. As with my other technological hurdles, I have not only learned to use them effectively, I have embraced them.