I guess I didn’t know what I was getting into… at all.  When I signed up for this class, I honestly didn’t know that I would be tutoring.  I know what you’re all thinking, “How would he not know that?  Isn’t it in the course description?”  Well maybe it is, but apparently I missed that part.  But trust me, I couldn’t be happier with how the class has unfolded, and I have loved and gained from the work that we’re doing.  The blog was a little unexpected, but the same way I handled the class – I embraced the opportunity.  I’ve never written a blog before, and I don’t read any too often (besides barstool), but I thought that it could be a really positive experience.  It’s weird writing for an audience who I have never met, know nothing about, and visa versa.  My teacher told us that at the end of the semester we would have plenty of couches at Duke and PSU Berks (wherever that is, no offence) to crash on, but sorry Mr. K, I don’t think it worked out that way.  I do think that the blog has been incredibly useful though – sparking conversations and debates over writing and tutoring writing is not easy, but I think its safe to say, we did it. 

            When I started reading the blog I was thoroughly impressed with all of the posts; to be honest, I was even a little intimidated.   But after a few posts and responses, I started to feel a lot more comfortable and even connected with the blog.  I’d go on all the time just to check out what everyone was writing about and see if I could get in on any juicy debates.  The blog, to me, was never an academic assignment, but an educational pastime.  In fact, I only found out recently that we were being graded on our posts. 

            I know what you’re thinking, “This kid seems really out of the loop,” because I just had the same thought myself.  But I’m glad that I didn’t know we were getting graded because my blogs would probably been much more boring to read, and I feel that some bloggers remained in their comfort zone just to get a good grade.  That being said, I could tell that there were a lot of bloggers who were truly saying what was on their mind, and had a lot of good insights to share.  The personal stories were often entertaining and educational, and I appreciate people opening up. 

            Its sad that the blog is coming to an end because I felt that I was, just now, starting to get the hang of it and find my blogging voice, but I guess all good things come to an end.  I appreciate everyone’s posts and inputs and wish you all luck with your future in tutoring.  Happy Holidays!