Before this semester I had never blogged before, in fact I was just plain confused with the whole idea of blogging; what it was, what was it’s point, and why people felt the need to get so attached to blogging in general. Being in the class and learning the whole idea of what blogging was really opened my eyes.


At first I was almost “weirded” out by the idea of blogging and why/ how it had any connection to peer tutoring at all, but then I realized how much I enjoyed it and how it’s a way to connect people’s ideas together. I realized that blogging helped my in more than a couple ways with this class, for example, going through and reading other student’s/ tutors posts about their sessions really helped me in bettering my own tutoring skills. It’s been a nice way to ask questions, give advice, and look at a different point of view.

As a whole, I found this whole blogging process to be a great one for this class. Although it might be a little bit tricky with figuring it all out in the beginning, I personally believe that it is a great way to stay connected with other students in this class and a great way to help each other out without the pressure of talking to your teacher!

Thanks for a fun semester everyone 🙂 !