I’ve blogged in classes before- in one of my lit seminars, all of our class material was on a WordPress blog, as well as our responses to the readings we did for each class. But while my blog for that class felt disjointed, this blog showed me how beneficial classroom blogging can be.

Although we were all in different corners of the country, we were connected not only by this blog itself, but each of our posts were connected to each other. I’ve reveled at the wisdom and wit you have written with, and the thoughtfulness that you clearly put into your responses to other’s posts.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading each of your musings. What’s great about blogs is that they give writers the ability to write more freely in a less stereotypically academic setting. Overall, the collaborative nature of this blog has really led me to believe in the true benefits of academic blogging. I’m really looking forward to continuing to blog in the future!

Thank you all for a wonderful semester in the blogosphere!