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The thought of sharing my ideas with a public audience outside of my teacher and classmates was a bit intimidating at first. I have used blogging for a class before, but it was mainly read by other students in the class (most of which I had known outside of school) so I felt more comfortable writing in my true tone and voice. However, for this new audience that I didn’t know, I definitely was more cautious at the start. While writing my first post, I was thinking about how others would perceive me based on my writing, and that kind of shaped how my first blog post was written. As time went on and I read other students’ blog posts, I became increasingly comfortable writing in my own style.
This in turn, finally allowed me to sit back and enjoy reading the other posts and pick up on how other students, who are in the same situation as I am, handled similar problems/experiences that I have also dealt with. I really enjoyed being able to see how others took the information we learned and apply it in real situations. It created a strong connection between what we were learning in class and why we were learning those things. Which, I can’t say happens too often (coughcalculuscough).

I genuinely enjoyed blogging throughout this semester and I hope the opportunity will arise for me to collaborate academically with another audience again! Until then, I’ll just have to blog on my own. 🙂