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This was my first blog experience. 

Personally, I find online writing to be very impersonal. So It didn’t make a difference to me whether it was my friends, acquaintances, or complete strangers reading my postings. 

However, knowing that I was writing to other first time tutors did highly affect the content of my writing on the blog. Because I knew that other students on the blog were going through similar experiences as peer tutors, I was able to feel that my writing was much more conversational and less complacent than writing a blog for people who are unfamiliar with your experiences. I understood that what I was writing was going to be well understood as well as expounded upon by members of our blog community. 

I really enjoyed that we could keep up an insightful and interesting conversation outside of the classroom. The essence of the blog I felt was closely related to the principles we were taught to use as tutors. From day one, we were told that we should not follow the “banking concept of education”. We learned that learning is best facilitated through conversation and group learning. — This is precisely what this blog enabled us to to. 

Indeed, we practiced what we preached. And I feel good about that.

— Jordan Wilsted–