As an Resident Assistant in the Residence Halls, I have a lot of responsibilities on my shoulders; it is my job to make sure that I am setting the right image and being a good role model. However in the beginning I can say that I didn’t always look so confident in my actions but luckily I always had my RA family to pick me up when I fell down and help me learn lessons that I didn’t understand, that a manual couldn’t teach me. In a way they were my culture informants, always willing to answer questions I may have and always happy to help me if I was unsure of myself (which happened majority of the time). In the event that I had the unfortunate task to write a resident up because of certain circumstances, they were always there to give me feedback on how I did – and not sugar coating their responses in the process either.

It is with this experience that I am able to say that I have gained more confidence in myself and how I do my job so that way I can help new RA’s as well as novice writers seeking help. For the most part, I’m always a very open, easy to get along with type of girl that if you need to talk to me I’ll drop everything I am doing and give you my undivided attention. I understand when a person takes those first steps into unmarked territory- how thrilling and exciting yet frightening it can all be at once. That countless feeling of when you’re starting something new and you constantly feel like a noob (newbie) because you keep asking questions that others might consider to be common sense or stupid. Since I know where these individuals are coming from and I know how uneasy it maybe to start at a new task, I think jut approaching that person with open arms, embracing the fact that they are new and will ask questions from time to time is the best way you can handle a situation. Because at one point we were all new at doing something – and how off putting is it when you have no one to turn to because you feel everyone you ask for guidance they see you as a nuisance?