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Greetings! My name is Roshni Jain, and I am a sophomore at Duke University. As a resident of the great state of Kansas and as a pre-med student majoring in English , I find myself a bit of an anomaly here at Duke.

Writing, much like my interest in medicine, has been a constant in my life. When I was young and unable to overcome my fear of verbally expressing my emotions, I found solace in a blue notebook, a notebook which I still have today. Writing down my thoughts made them real. I was able to better understand my thoughts and feelings when I could see them laid out in front of me. And this is something that remains true even today.

I want to become a writing tutor so I can help writers find significance in their writing. I want others to make the same realization I have. I want them to see that they can find themselves in anything and everything they write. Of course, I’m not naive. I realize that many of my tutees will not appreciate writing as much as I do. And that’s okay. But if I can help even one writer find his or her potential, I will consider myself successful.

Fun fact: I write a weekly blog series about restaurants in Durham entitled “Delectable Durham” for Duke’s student newspaper. I get to eat delicious food, and then I get to write about what I ate…..it’s perfect.

Hello, my name is Bianca but my writing name is Marie Veda. I am junior at Penn State Berks and I am majoring in Professional Writing with a minor in Business. My aspirations are to become an author and have my books and short stories published for all to see. I also enjoy writing for newspapers and magazines – currently I am writing for the Penn State Berks chapter on Hercampus.com. I have always been interested in writing since I was actually fully capable in doing the act itself. I always prided myself when I was younger to be able to read hard words and articulate myself in a way others could not. As a child my dream jobs was to either be an author or a paleontologist – I happy that I at least get to pursue one of those jobs as my career.

Hello, everybody. My name is Britt Specht and I am a senior at Penn State Berks (set to graduate in May). I am majoring in Professional Writing and have hopes that I will one day be an editor or a novelist. Tutoring is going to be the ultimate link between my love of writing and words and the joy I get from helping other people. All of my schooling career, I have acted as my friends’ editor so the logical conclusion was to do it here at Penn State to give something back to the school that helped me learn a lot. I can’t wait to read what everyone has to say and use it to better my own skills!


Hey everyone my name is Jon and I am a student at Penn State University. Tutoring is an important part of the college experience. It allows students an opportunity to bounce ideas off of each other and receive important feedback from their peers before work is submitted for a final grade. I believe this kind of discourse is integral to allow students to accept feedback and then correct their course of action.  I am excited to begin working with students and hopefully I can learn as much from them as they can for me.

Hey everyone! I can already tell from recent blog posts that this is going to be a fun experience with you all and I am excited to be here. My name is Katrina and I’m a junior at the University of Colorado-Boulder. I am double majoring in English (primary) and Studio Arts (secondary).  As you can guess from my first major, I love writing and reading, but writing is what I enjoy the most. I have tutored informally among peers at the high school level though this will be my first time tutoring in a college setting. For me, there is no better feeling than writing a paper you worked hard on and you know it. What I hope to gain from this program is the ability to help students love their own writing and take pride in their words as much as I do.

As for things I do outside of class, I play piano and have been for 14 years. Besides drawing, which is my main emphasis, I love to do ceramics, sculpture, water coloring and digital art in my free time. I am also a complete video game addict, especially in Xbox 360 and PS2 games.

I look forward to conversing with you guys soon!

Welcome to our class blog! We will be using this blog throughout the semester to share our responses to the readings, news articles, and our tutoring experiences. This blog is special because it is a shared space with tutors-in-training at Penn State University, University of Colorodo, Denver, and and Duke University. Both Dr. Ryan, Professor Russell, and Eric hope that this inter-collegiate collaboration offers a virtual space for an experience that we could not have otherwise. This blog is expected to encourage conversations about tutoring theory and practice so we can all benefit from each others’ experiences.

We look forward to lively, fun, and engaged conversations!